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So I finally registered over here on Audi Forums.

I have read it, as well as Audizine, Audi World and Quattro World for years as a source of tips, tricks, cross platform information for my VW's, and just generally interesting stuff about cars.

Long time and more than competent driveway wrench.

Professional Firefighter and Medic.

Proud husband, father and Christian.

A Yankee transplanted to Virginia.

Current fleet of vehicles (projects?) consists of an 02 Golf GLS 2.0 (I'm turning it in to a MK4 GTI clone), an 06 Z71 Suburban (getting a balanced and blueprinted LS1 "heart" transplant), and the wife's 08 Saturn Outlook (likely being replaced soon).

Notice no Audis (yet)?

That a big part of why I finally registered.

I am seriously considering purchasing an 06 S4 Avant MT to replace my wife's Outlook... But more on that in another post.


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