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I now own a Audi A3 1.6SE (1998 Aug) 3 says only now

A lovely drive indeed

sound setup as far as i can see is..

A audi concert cassette/radio ( apparently might be a bose system, who knows for sure )

a long rectangle type box situated in the boot passenger side (uk version ) which looks sike a mini sub box,

Appaerntly there might be a factury amp some where as well

Looking for suggestions and ideas on what to do next, could do with replacing the head unit but don't really want to loose the cool red effect of the dash, and a proper audio shelve for the boot.

I previously owned a golf which i took my custom sound out off....

1 x Pioneer headunit CD/WMA/MP3
2 x Boxed 10" sub's - Sony
1 x pioneer 400w amp
1 x kicker 600w amp
2 x 17cm pioneer speaker sets
1 x 6x9 pioneer speaker set
Wiring etc

Also have a Nokia CK-7w advanced Bluetooth kit with cradle and aerial booster
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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