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Hello All,

I'm new to the Audi world and this forum. I live in the Caribbean and I just put down a deposit for a new A6 3.0 petrol Quattro right hand drive (a 2006 dealer display model) and have a few questions for the experts:

1) How does one decode the VIN? I've searched the forum and Googled it to no end, but was only partially successful. The VIN is WAUZZZ4F36N043210.

2)How rare is this combination? I can't seem to find anything on the net. It seems rather unique.

3)The build sheet says it includes "Special Equipment Package WCJ". No corresponding info from Audi's PR numbers. Any idea what that might be?

The dealer's salesperson may not be the most knowledgeable source....thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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