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I have some questions about the introduction plans in the US for the new B7 version A4. I think I've heard that this will be a mid-year 2005 intro, but the real timing of the intro of the B7 in the US market has never been real clear.

Also, I've seen photos of a B7-chassis sedan and Avant, but not a Cabriolet. Does this mean that even after the B7 sedan and Avant come out, the Cabriolet will still be the current B6 design for a while? The dealer seemed to be telling me that the new Cabriolet body style would be a 2006 model (implication was a Fall, 2005 intro), but I've never seen anything written down. I am assuming that the new B7 A4's will get the new 2.0T, and the new 3.2, but it is not clear how long I'd have to wait to get these in a Cabriolet.

Finally, I have heard that a new, larger screen, DVD-based navigation system was coming out in a couple of months. The person on Audi-USA's "answer line" looked up some update document on the A4 Cabriolet's, and her interpretation was that both the 1.8T and 3.0 Cabriolets would receive the new DVD-based system. Since currently you can only get a nav. system on the 3.0 (and I want a 1.8T), I am trying to decide if I want to wait until I can get a 1.8T A4 Cab. with the new nav. system. But, there is no point in waiting if it will only be offered on the 3.0's.

Thanks for any info that anyone can provide.
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