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Thanks in advanced for the help. I just traded my 2009 A4 for a 2006 A8L, 66k miles, one owner, clean car fax.

The cars is great, except for a few minor issues that I was hoping to get some guidance on.

1. I have a halogen driving light out. My local dealer quoted me $300 to replace it (I assume because it's under the intake)

Sound about right? Is this something I can replace myself? I'm not opposed to paying to have it replaced, but $300 sounded high.

2. The detailers at the dealership broke my rear sunshade. The clip that holds it to the bar is missing, as is the wheel that rolls is up the window. The dealer made a good faith attempt to repair, but couldn't, and are refusing to fix it. The cost to replace is about $1300.

Has anyone successfully repaired the shade?

3. Both soft-close doors on the driver's side do not work. Is it coincidence that it's both on the same side? What's it like to repair / replace these?

I love this car - but I'm still on the tipping point as to whether or not this was a smart upgrade, or a load of long-term hurt.

Talk me off the ledge please :)
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