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I have just bought a 2003 1.8T A4 and have one or two questions.
1_is there a cd cable run to the boot as standard as i hope to run a phatbox off of it.
2. If its there where is it.
3 what does anybody think of the phatbox
4 most importantly when i start up the carin the morning there is a pool of what appears to be water under the rear of the car about one foot in from the boot lid........ant ideas

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Point 1 ---
No theres not a cable... the auto charger goes in the glove box as standard....

Point 2 ---
See above

Point 3 --
Phatboxes are cool... its the way everything is going now.. mp3 etc...
Audi PhatNoise Digital Car Audio System

Point 4 --

pool of water.... could be just the draining from over night rain... orwhich it will most likley be in condensation from the Aircon which drops onto the bottom plastic trays and the water finds a way out at the middle of the car (mine does it)

if you want to make sure.... park you car up on a dry spot... run the eninge idling for 15 mins with air con on cold and watch!!

if no water is coming out of the engine its ok....... one thing i did the first time i saw this was to smell it to make sure it was not fuel.... and then taste it to make sure it was not screen wash or anti freeze/coolent!! however dont go drinking loads of it as i cant see it been good for you!!! LOL!!

Also post in the A4 fourm for a more replies!!!!!!!
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