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Hello. I have a 1995 A6 Quattro with a few problems.

First off, we had accidentally put the wrong fluid in the power steering system a few years ago. Shortly thereafter, fluid was spewing out from what appeared to be everywhere.. We continued to drive it, not being able to afford the $2000+ to fix it. we were told the rack, pump and all hoses needed to be replaced.

Does anyone know if there is anything else that would 'have' to be replaced in the power steering system because of the fluid mess up? Or, is there anything that might be able to be cleaned and reused? Fluid was definitely coming out of the rack. Since it wouldn't stay in the system, I know that the pump was running dry. Luckily it didn't freeze up.

Second, while the car ran and everything else worked just fine, the car was left in a garage that sat through the last 3 freezing winters in PA.. OMG!

I would like to get the car running again before this winter, and then fix the steering, if possible.

Knowing that it was running well before, I would like recommendations from people that know, what I should do or things I should check, before starting it and immediately after.

As soon as I can get it running, I will attend to the steering issues.

This is what I know, or would guess:

New battery
Change Oil
Change Coolant
Hopefully start?

Does this car use a different coolant like some other Audis? I read G12 somewhere?

Oh, and another problem.. I lost the key. This was a large remote fob style key that only had one button. One of the first infrared keyless entry systems.. Does anyone know if this key had an immobilizer chip in 1995? Would it be possible to have a regular key cut, without a remote that will unlock the doors and start the car? At this point, I don't care about the original keyless entry. It had to be within a foot of the car for it to work, even with a new battery. Might as well use the key.
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