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Need Parts

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I have recently been blessed by a man in my church with a nice '96 A6. The front end needs some work, (new struts, a tie rod end, and the ball joint assembly for the passenger side.) but the car is in excellent condition otherwise. He is giving me this car for absolutely nothing, and is even doing the needed work at no cost. A local shop here (Specialty Automotives) is doing the work, but they are having trouble finding the parts. If you could help me out, i would sincerely appreciate it.

Also, if anyone knows of any common quirks about this particular car, i would be grateful if you would share those with me. I have been the Youth Pastor here at Greater Faith Church for about 6 months now, and this came to me out of the blue. Thanks again for helping. God bless.

In His Grip,

nathan dormer [email protected]
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welcome to the board.. try posting in the "wanted" section here, or on ebay.
i have a 1991 audi 90 quattro... parts are impossible to find most must be ordered from the dealership and then from Germany... you may find the same thing... i also found that having my parts rebuilt at specialty shops was A LOT cheaper than ordering new and that it works just as well as new parts... for example i got my oil pan welded back shut for 175 a new one was gonna be 800 from Audi and then i had to pay 50 in shipping and wait 2 months for it to get to me... my cv joint was gonna be over 1000 ordered new but they rebuilt it for me for 300 and that included the mechanics taking it out and putting it back in... they did an AWESOME job to!
Hey if I can still get the parts I will do my best to get them cheap. If you need any factory oem Audi parts let me know and I will hook you up. Just let me know what you need at [email protected]
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