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2006 A4 Quattro 2.0T

Only happens when heavy accelerating. 2nd gear or higher, taking the RPMS to 3500 or higher. The car suddenly stops accelerating like a rev/speed limiter for that particalar gear is set on the car. Once I upshift, it will take a second or two and then it will start to gain speed.

Best example I can give is in 4th gear it likes to do it at 45-50 so I shift to 5th and in 5th gear it likes to do it at 65mph so I go into 6th and it will climb to 95 but then no more.

CEL light comes on usually in 3rd gear when accelerating.

Alright, so when it happened the first time I took it to a buddy's shop who specializes in Audi, Mercedes, & VW. They checked the code and it said I had a bad electonic throttle body.

We did the test and sure enough the computer showed that when the peddle was pushed to the floor the car was saying that we only had it depressed 45%.

Replaced it with a brand new part and now 6 months later, under the same driving conditions that caused it the first time....CEL is coming on and then after a half a day or full day it will automatically just go away.

I have read on the forums that this part is notorious for failing right after the warrenty ends, but to do it right after I put a new part in!??

Car just hit 65700 miles

Thanks for any help
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