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I purchased a 1999 A4 with 61000 miles in Florida. I flew down to pick up the vehicle. It looked good and drove well. I noticed a problem with the automatic transmission and would like some opinions.

The transmission seems to go into neutral when you apply the brakes hard and then depress the accelerator to resume forward motion. I will also happen at high speed cornering, like an exit ramp. The engine revs for about a second and then the transmission engages again. However, the transmission works perfectly in all other aspects. It does not make noise or slip. I do not know if it is something simple like the fluid level, filter, electrical sensor (a maintenance fix) or the start of something more serious. I am taking the car to an Audi Dealership to find out what is wrong. They said they will run a routine fluids and electronic diagnosis for $190, but I would like someone with Audi experience as to what it might be.

All input appreciated. :wacko:
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