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Oh No ! Not another one, mine has just gone AWOL. Have not given up hope yet and will buzz through all the power supplies and make sure that all the wires are providing 12volts when they should. All they fuses are OK, but I get not outputs at all; like no interior lights, no windows (Except key in drivers door), no central locking (except key in door) and no tailgate unlock at anytime.) and of course no remote locking or alarm. I will try freezer spray on the PCB itself, and try to poke around the processor with a meter (on ac volts) to see if there is any activilty, but the weather in London is cold wet and windy and not ideal for brain surgery.
For those listening in, the comfort control module (or cabin control module) is situated under the passenger footwell (UK versions) and can be got at by releasing the lower door trim and cutting a slit in the carpet from the back of the door to the front of the seat mount.
It is just forward of the seat in a plastic box within another splashproof box so do not fill the footwell up with water during floods as I nearly did last year.
After replacing the Module the Remote Keys will all have to be programmed in to work.
Good Luck and Good Hunting = Supersparks +
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