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Hi Guy's,

I wonder if anybody has had problems with their Navigation Plus when using the CD player.

If I'm on a journey and listening to the CD player, every now and then the sound would cut out for around a 10th of a second. The CD isn't being paused, I can tell this because the music is at the place where it would have been if you could hear it, if that make sense... It sounds a bit trivial; however on one of my frequent journeys to south Wales from Lincoln this would happen at least 20 times.

This happens even when I’m stationary waiting at the traffic lights, so its not jumping and all y discs are immaculate.

I also had a problem where the display on the Nav plus would indicate that there are only a couple of CD's in the magazine when in fact they were full. Took it to the local Audi dealer, on first visit said they couldn't find a problem with it, second visit said the same, and so I took the technician out with me and pointed to the "NO CD" in the display "Oh you mean that". New changer ordered and fitted.

So with new changer fitted and picking up all CD's, but still with the same problem of the audio disappearing.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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