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Mystery Check Engine Light

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Hey Everyone:
I just replaced on of my fog light bulbs and when I started the car the check engine light came on. Do you think this could be related? The car is running OK and idles fine. The on board info system says things are OK. It's colder than you know what here (9 F) and some friends think this is the problem. Is there any way I could have spiked the computer during the bulb change? Would disconnecting the battery and re-booting the car help?
Thanks in advance.
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This morning I did notice that the coolant leval was low so I topped it up. The engine light was still on so I decided to get the car good and warm by driving it for ~1/2 hour. After driving around a bit I shut off the motor and re-started. Now the light is off! I dunno. The coolant leval thing sort of worries me. I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on it.
no wories... the first cold of the season compresses the coolant level. when it heats up, the coolant fills up more of the resovior. top it off a bit and you'll be fine. same thing happend with my jetta the other day. scared me too... put some coolant in her and problem solved. B)
Thank you oh my brother.
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