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Dear Audian,

I just bought a sweet Audi A4 1.8T year 1998, the car is in bad conditions when i bought from previous owner, i used a month time to restore all the engine jerking problem, boost problem, fuel pressure problem, ABS problem and all mostly done for engine...and spent quiet a big money on it...

Air Flow sensor replace, Ignition amp replace, Boost sensor bypass to manual boost controller, and Dyno with Computer, there is NO ERROR Code, Exzort change to 2.5 inc with Remus Rear Muffler, front CAT deleted and replace with 2.5inc piping, Tested the car was amazing, very good power delivered.

2 day later,
when i try to boost up to 0.7 bar..the engine jerking problem coming back, dyno with computer again, NO ERROR code found, but i know something is going wrong, i search all the post here, i cant found the solutions as my problem occur, can somebody help me please ?

izzit my Turbo problem ? BOV ? or the ECU itself ? Stock Setting is 0.6 Bar, i manual adjusted to 0.7 effect to ECU ? haiz......really sad

The jerking is something like a Boost Cut...the Engine jerking suddenly after a certain boost kick in....Please help me...please :(
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