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first the car
1998 a4 1.8t fwd 150hp stock
tap stage 2 chip
2 stage BOV
k and n intake (no box)
custom exhaust

here are the codes
16684 (random misfire detected)
16687 (cycl #3 misfire detected)
18021 (MIL Call-up - circuit open or short to b+) now this one happened after i put the test computer in that TAP sent to try and see if it was my ecu. it never came up on my ecu

here is what i did
1. moved all the coil packs around to see if it was bad and moved to another did not, stayed on #3
2. moved the injectors around to see if it moved to another did not stayed on #3
3. compression test...all 125psi car has 80,000...that is good
4. changed all the plugs

what else could it be?
the (sorry for the lamens term) the thing that came out of the air box with the heat sink?

help please


12 Posts
hey ..this out of hand for me...
But I am sure more experienced guys ll defi. help you out...
Just hang on...
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