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Just bought a 2004 A4 1.8t. Was driving it to work and the right front tire went though a significant puddle while making a sharp right turn. When attempting to accelerate out of the turn there was no power at the wheels and there was a bit of a grinding noise. I rolled to a stop, put the car in park and then tried drive again. Still no power at the wheels and a light grinding noise.

Paid a tow truck to get it home for me, as we were unloading it from the flat bed we noticed it was just rolling backwards while in park. Once unloaded and it rolled forward, again while in park.

Praying it isn't the transmission, have been doing some reading and am to date unsure of where to start.Friend who has worked on other makes and models suggested maybe a neutral safety switch came loose? Someone else unfamiliar with Audi thought maybe a broken axle? Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas how to properly diagnose?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, I need to get this back on the road asap.
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