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Hi guys,

I recently became a proud owner of a very good looking and good running (before) '91 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro 20v car. The car was running very well, till about a month ago.

first problem was, the car accelarated till about 2500rpm, then dropped dead (didnt stall), as if it didnt get any fuel or air, even if i completely floored it, regardless in what gear.
i suspected a bad fuel pump, and later found out that this is usually caused by a defective mass air flow sensor.
later I pulled codes which where:
-Oxygen sensor
-Throttle position sensor
-Hall sensor/ engine speed/reference sensor (distributor)
-and some other minor ones i cant remember

So far I only swapped the Throttle position sensor and reconnected the O2 sensor.
Yesterday I poped the distributor cap to get access to the Hall sensor, but was unsucessfull due to a very inpractical location in the car - behind the intake manifold. i cleaned the cap and rotor, put it back together and started the engine up.
i think i had the firing order wrong, as the engine ran very rough. i changed the firing order, cranked it again but nothing happend, it didnt catch at all. after several times of changing the firing order (1-2-4-5-3) i ran out of battery power.
next morning i figured after several times of changing the firing order, i checked if i had any spark, and i didnt. now im stuck. Did i possibly fry my ignition coil/module, or did the distributor die completely on me now. once i get this running, i can bring it to the shop ans save myself several hundred $$.

i really want to get this car up and running again, as it is a sweet ride, so any help greatly appreciated.
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