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I've recently aquired an 05 plate A6 with MMI High Nav Install. I've got an updated NAV CD (NavTeq 08) and TMC is now functioning. However I note the NAV is still in 2D. I understand I need to update the MMI firmware level to enable the '3D' functionality. I've seen torrents for various MMI versions sadly none of which appear to be seeded anymore :(

So my question is, does anyone know of a download source for the MMI firmware CD's and if so the update process.. also any version jumps which are required to get to the latest rev (5510 or somesuch i believe).

From what I can tell my current version is :-

SW: C6-HU 6350 12.0.0 0513
HW: C6-HU 6351D2.0

There's also entries for FC SW and FC PS - assume these may be to do with fibre channel stuff.

Anyhow, if anyone can shed any light on the subject, that would be cool.

[ NB. Found working links for the MMI CD's... just need advice on the update process to get to the latest revision - aware its done via the CD changer but would appreciate any additional details and any revision steps needed... 2120 to 3460 to 4220 to 5150 or can i skip to particular releases ]


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