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OK, So I have an A6 2009 model with MMI high installed.

I have been having issues with blue tooth keep dropping the connection to my phone when ever it feels like it so got the system checked out by the main dealer 2 days ago. Everything checked out OK and I have all the latest software etc. So, today when I took a call on the system and I hung up by pressing the button on the steering wheel, the whole thing just locked up. No radio, sat nav, media, setup - just dead. At least the phone hung up! Anyhow, the only way I could get the system to respond was to switch off the car. Fast forward a few hours to when I got back in the car to return home, I took another call and now the system displays the following: The centre wheel knob will not scroll any menus, when in Map display, the bottom right button LED is always on, none of the four buttons around the wheel knob work and selecting any other function only seem to work when ever it feels like it.

So what I have tried to do is: - Switch off the car - no difference, tried the three finger reset - Does not work, hit the buttons - got a sore finger tip.

Without being able to scroll is mighty limiting and it will be ages before I can get to a dealer to get the thing sorted. Has anyone got any ideas I can try???

Right now, this system is worse than iDrive ...... and that is saying something!

Thanks for any help
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