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I just bought a 2010 model of the A6 Avant station wagon with the top of the line “prestige” package and I have a very annoying problem.
I am a great classical music lover and I plugged into the MMI a fully loaded 160G IPod containing a huge library of music.
Unfortunately, the present firmware allows me to read only the first 19 characters of the title of the piece, which with the space between words, does not allow me to read more than the name of the composer and a small part only of the title of the piece – not to mention the artist performing the piece, which for someone who has more than one interpretation of the piece, makes it impossible to select the music I want to listen to.
Surely I am not the only classical music fan owning a car with the MMI system. Can I get a firmware upgrade that would either increase the number of characters shown on the screen or - even better - which would allow scrolling of the full title?
With so many thousands of pieces of music it is totally impossible to think of revising and shortening the information that took years to store.
Thank you very much
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