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Midnight Imports in cream ridge NJ 609-937-4213 hours of op 9:30am to 7:00pm

**members that finsh recruitment are allowed to use the shop free of charge PM for more info**

Lets go straight to the point and give you a list of our basic prices


DV replacement $50
Oil Changes ** you provide parts ** $10 any make model
Brake JOBS **you provide parts** $100 front and back **$50 front $50 back never changes**
Axles install/replacement $50 front $50 back
1.8t 2.0 etc not including ** 2.7tt** turbo replacement $100
Springs/coilover install removal $150
downpipes/piggie install removal $120
Headlight install replacement ** hid install ** $100
Radio after market removal/install $50
amp/sub install $100 VANS/suv not included
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