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Recently I buy a Mercedes-Benz S350 sedan in 4S shop , and I finally have a car, I was very happy, but always felt that the taillights too old-fashioned, old section taillights are two decorated bar, divided into three parts. May be a long time, I feel its visual effects is worse than the new , so I decided to change it.
Before taillight conversion, I did not understand too much information, just listen to the stores that can be changed, so I was scouring the appropriate LED taillights on the Internet, and finally I see a suitable LED taillights in LEDdoes shop, the attitude of this shop is good, the prices are very cheap, logistics quickly, and quickly sent the tail lights I bought to me. If someone is also prepared modified lights, may wish to take a look at this LED lighting shop. Their web site is www.leddoes. com.
After the lights sent, I began to prepare modified taillights.

This is the old section lights, how to see the lights are not comfortable.
The two master contrast with the old and the new lamp connector:

The conclusion is that the plug can share, first installed a new light to try.
The original location of the new lamp, sizes exactly, the plug can also be plugged directly, turn on the lights to try, in addition to the new upper part of the C-type LED is not lit, everything else is normal. Two master said it can not change, so I made a number of modified Mercedes-Benz repair shops consultation, they have different opinions, some said that we have to change the computer code, and some said that they had to turn over but can not change. But I do not believe that, I asked one specializing in dual B, they said that can be changed, and not far from me, immediately went there.
The store is not a small-scale, environment is also good, continue to be opened:

Original car taillight plug, line is the small than we think before,
Only five lines for the original car, a new light socket needs about 6. The master refered to the right side taillight turned over in the vehicle repair shop, to imitate that which the two line short-circuit, and put on, powered, then bright. But the left taillight not been. The chefs were split out the old and new models taillight circuit, start drawing paper. Finally installed a new light:
Did not change the computer code, there is no error, the lights are bright, happy.

Observed the old and new models taillights, of which reversing lights and fog lights are the same as ordinary light bulbs. The new turn signal is yellow LED, the new car is upper and lower pairs of C-type running lights, the lower part is the C-type brake lights.

Conversion experience:

Advantages: LEDdoes products are good, looked comfortable, the new LED lamp looks beautiful, stylish, eye-catching.
Disadvantages: dashboard occasional error, 1 ~ 2 seconds automatically remove. Braking, the upper and lower pairs of C light up at the same time, enough eye-catching.
Remaining problem: I do not know if it needs to modify the computer code, Friends who are aware of this, Please give some points.
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