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I bought the 1990 audi80 2.0E auto 1yr ago. 157km. At first only one problem exists, that's the heater not working at all. At least that's not a big problem for me.

Now the clock turns to 167km. mass occurs
1. coolant starts leaking, from somewhere in the radiator. it comes and goes especially serious when raining. in average i need to refill once a week.
2. Engine knocks and the whole body shakes when idle. In summer, engine knocks and then stops when idle (or at very low speed) with the air condition on.
3. continuous noise from the bottom of engine when steering right at low speed.
4. when switching off the engine, a huge knock! occurs (not everytime, about 30%). it can be reduced if switch off engine in gear R.
5. Fuel consumption's always around 20L/100km in urban circle.

I'm neither a DIY man nor a rich man, can anybody gives me some advice before I enter a repair centre? Thank yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyou.!
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