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My A4TQ recently had its 5th birthday, so I treated it to a full service. I replaced every regular maintenenace item I could think of plus some. She feels as good as new.

I wanted to change the fluids for gearbox and front & rear diffs. So I checked with the local Audi dealer to find out what fluid I needed, only to be told it was not necesssary to ever change these fluids, so I left them as they were.

Now that I have thought about it further, this can't be right. Can it?

Do you guys change your diff & gearbox fluids, if so at what intervals? What fluid are you using for the front diff/gearbox and what are you using for the rear diff? Are there any specials tools or procedures I should be aware of (other than the obvious pump to get fluid into the housings) before doing it?

12/2000 A4
1.8T Quattro B5
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