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Last September I threw the timing belt on my 2001 225hp TT .

All 4 pistons and rings replaced.
Head rebuilt
New oil pump and suction tube
new idler and water pump.
Even replaced the coolant temp switch.
Also replaced the turbo due to a smoking issue.

All of the are OEM Audi/VW parts.

No sludge in engine.

The engine runs like a top. Every once in a while when running past 1500 rpm's I get a low oil pressure light that stays on for about 5 seconds then quits.

The engine does not rattle. Still pulls hard. When it was apart there was no sludge anywhere.

Both oil level and oil pressure sensors have been replaced at least twice as well as the oil pump. Correct oil pressure was verified with a mechanical gauge.

The shop I took it to specializes in European cars and they have seen the sludge issue before in other 1.8l engines and mine didn't exhibit any of the signs of sludge.

They reached out to a few certified Audi mechanics and were told there is a slim chance it could be the computer. Anyone hear of this happening?
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