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I'm looking to buy a used Audi TT and I have I have £6,500 to spend.

Looking around the web it would appear that I could get a 2007/8 model with about 70/80k on the clock for that money.

Just wanted to ask the experts on here if there were any suggestions on engines/gearboxes and if there is anything I need to look out for on a used one. I'm sure certain model TT cars have specific problems?

I was thinking a 2 litre TT with the TFSI petrol engine and Automatic.

But, I've heard from a local independent Audi specialist garage that the 2 litre TFSI engines are troublesome for timing chains, cams and oil leaks and they also use a lot of oil. He also advised me to avoid the auto box as it is a DSG thing that is a complicated design (something about a Mecatronic computer bolted to the bottom of it) that goes wrong often and cost thousands to fix when (and it will, according to him) it goes wrong.

After spending this money and buying one I won't have funds left for expensive repairs so if anything mega did go wrong with it I'have to stick in through the auction and hope I don't lose too much.

I must admit, I'm a tad scared about doing this as I'm used to driving an Astra, which has the mechanical complexity of a knife and fork and if it goes wrong (which it rarely does) it is usually no more than £100 to sort it.

I'm a tad worried that an Audi TT will keep my bank balance empty and me sitting in garage waiting rooms waiting for a guy to tell me that the little orange light that came on on the dash will cost me £1800 to sort out!

I've driven my friends 2009 TT, the TFSI 2 litre petrol manual and loved it, such a super car and super quick too.

I prefer an automatic, but if they are trouble I'd tolerate a manual. But, I've heard manual gearboxes have a DMF (can't remember if this is just diesel, or petrol, or both), whereas an auto has no such DMF to go wrong, so it is swings and roundabouts?

I'm based in Cambridgeshire, England and most of my driving is around B-roads and the occasional A road stretch. Every now and then, not very often, three times per year perhaps, I do a bit of motorway driving. I know the TT cars are a little louder in the cabin than say a Ford Focus, but as I don't do much motorway driving I don't mind if it is not as refined as a BMW 3 series.

Any advice would be very much appreciated on which engine/gearbox/petrol/diesel model to go for and with what specs?
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