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Howdy All!

I just inherited a '96 A6Q. I don't know much about the car, except that it has more computers than a lan party and I've heard you can 'hack' the system to do things like engage tranny sport mode, etc.

The info I'm after at this point is maintenance-oriented:

1. Where can I get a repair manual? I found one source on eBay that sells a computer manual covering way more models than I need. Is a Factory Service Manual my best bet? Where are they?!?

2. I'm familiar with PRE-ODB Japanese cars & am a little overwhelmed with this complex machine. I know VW's often require special fluids - does my Audi as well? Which fluids are these?

3. I want to do as much general maintenance as I can, what should I stay away from?

4. Is it a good/bad idea for me to get a computer cable to plug my Apple into the car for diagnostics? Is there a USB-type cable? How much are these? I had to pay $65 for a shop to pull my check engine light code & they really tell me anything at all; I want to avoid wasting any more $ for no reason.

Anyways, I appreciate any advice I can get.

Thanks a bunch,
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