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Hello all,

This is my first post in the forum - I'm not an Audi A2 owner myself but have been looking or some info. on it and thought you might have some ideas.

To put it simply, somehow I lost the boot lid of an A2 1.4 petrol. I was about to engage in a long trip with a couple of friends, we were heavily loaded; we decided to remove it to accomodate the bags and we must have left it on the side of the road. There goes...

I live in Portugal and have tried some contacts here but no success I'm afraid. Went over the inetrnet and 24-7 spares in the UK does provide me a quote but it nears 300 Euros and I'm not very inclined to take it...

Any hints at all on where I might more easily and cheaply buy a used lid ?

Many thanks in advance!
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