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Originally posted by *limiter@Sep 19 2004, 05:16 PM
While i am not an active participant in the new "tuner car" craze i do like fast cars and interesting modifications.
Thats said i was thinking of a few options for my future car. Either i do a 1jz twin turbo swap on my '81 Toyota Cressida for around a 240hp at the rear wheels and have a great sleep car, it looks like grandpa's car....
then of course there is my love of all wheel drive... which is why i am here.
i am interested in checkout out some older Audi models. I am interested in something that i would be able to find for sale between $1000-$5000usd that has all wheel drive and is turbocharged. maybe an old rally car (while not a huge fan of most auto racing i am a huge fan of Rally Racing).

any suggestion?
sugestions sugestions... do i ever ;)

Look into a 1990 Quattro Coupe. its not turbo... but you can turbo it for a reasonable price. you can get one in perfect condition for about $6,000us. Expect around 100,000 miles on the clock though.

Stock, the car isnt anything amaizing (by todays standards). It has audi's 7A engine which is a 2.3L 20 valve inline 5. Stock it puts out about 165hp and 157 torque.

Expect the stock Quattro to run the q/m in 16.5 seconds at 85mph. 0-60 time is about 8.7 seconds.

Now onto the fun stuff...
modify the throttle body, chip it, build the manifold and bolt some exhaust on and you'll be looking at around 190hp. A turbo would probably give you 20 more hp. (not sure how much psi the engine can take tho...)

This slightly modified 1990 QuatroCoupe for sale on ebay.. its pretty nice.. check it out here

anyway, good luck, keep us posted!


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