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Long Life Service indicator

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I just (last month) paid a small fortune for a long-life service and brake fluid change at my local Audi dealer (Reading Audi).

When I picked the car up I was surprised to see the service mileage showing 9300 (I may be wrong but this looks like the standard fixed service interval).
Doubting my own knowledge and trusting the dealer I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and see if the mileage ever went up (I do 95% of my driving on the motorway).

No sign of the mileage changing and so I rang the dealer only to be told "not to worry, it might not change for 500 miles". I know it takes SOME time and so I persevered. 800 miles later and the reading was showing 8500.

So I took it back to the dealer and asked them to do it properly this time (instead of just pressing the buttons on the dash to reset it to "fixed").
They reluctantly took the car and reset it to the Long service interval.

Yet again when I got in the car it was showing 9300 to the next service and yet again I trusted the dealer to at least have got it right at the second attempt. But I have done nearly 300 miles all on motorways and it has not changed or increased.

Can anyone tell me how I can tell if they have reset it to the long-life service (variable) or "fixed" service interval?

I am about to go back to the dealer yet again and play HELL with them, so I would like to be sure before I do this.

I am pretty sure that there should be a way to tell, even by the number of miles it shows after the reset.

Any help please?
Steve B
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