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I've bought a second hand Audi A80 and the radio appears to be locked - I say 'appears' as the LCD has gone and I can't see any of the settings on the screen. In anycase, it isn't making any noise other than a hiss.

My question: I know the unlock code and when to enter it, the only trouble is that since I can't see the screen, I'm not sure how the numbers are entered/increment. I know I'm to use the first four preset buttons but:- do I hold them down and count, say 5 seconds for a '5' or do I need to press the button 5 times? The complicating factor here is that one of the digits is a zero - is this the default. Also, after I enter one number, do I need to 'nudge' along to enter the next.

I've tried all the obvious combinations and it maybe that the radio is 'properly' factory locked. Please could somebody who can actually see what they're doing describe the process?

It's a Blaupunkt Melbourne SQR39 but I guess that loads of models will operate in a similar way.

Thanks very much.
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