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My buddy just bought a 2001 A6, beautiful car, i will be frequenting this site to help him maintain and mod the car. (he is not mechanically inclined) Since it is not in my garage i need to know any troubleshooting tricks before i undertake most projects.

I am installing LED brake and indicators on the rear of the car, they look great but i need to add a couple of resistors to fix the "brake light" message on the dash and fix the "bulb out" fast blinking indicator warning. I have the resistors but need to know which wire is which on the brake light panel which holds the bulbs in the rear. the bulbs secure into the front of the panel and their are six wires coming out the back. A wire diagram or any general audi knowledge here would be helpful.

I am also planning on removing the orange reflector on the headlights so that it looks like the euro spec. Any tricks or tips on removing the healights? The headlights are getting chrome-amber bulbs for the indicators so they are invisable during the day!

Thanks for any help, pics of the Audi coming soon, it just got dropped and 20% tint all around.
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