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Hi all, 1st time poster long time lurker.

I have a problem with my tail lights on my 06 A6 3.0 TDI.
I have been getting warning lights on the dash for the tail light bulbs being out. They are all working when I test them but I keep getting the annoying beeps when I turn the car on. It tells me both the break light and the rear light are out on the left side and occasionally the right side, also the DRL/sidelights are out.
I figured out that someone had upgraded the rear lights to the LED lights, so went into VAGcom and changed the code to match but this did not help. I used the output tests to see if they would come on and they did briefly before turning off again.
I believe I may have a wiring issue but don't know where the convenience module is to test the resistance to know what's broke.

Does any one know where the convenience module is or have any insight to the issues I'm having?

Thanks for the help 😁
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