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hey guys i jacked up my car earlier to change the front left wheel to the spare to see if it wud solve my problem of the car pulling to the left. after finding out it may no difference i put the original wheel back on and had another look around the car. All of a sudden i saw a leak coming from the rear around the back wheel! it seems the leak is coming from an arm that comes from the wheel and joins to the body. (looks like some arm from the suspension) anyway 1 of the bush from this arm is cracked and there's only half of it left. i've had a neighbour who's reasonably good with these sorts of things and he's told me that there is no fluid that's held in this area. although it's almost directly below the fuel tank it does not smell like petrol at all! once the fluid dries on ur fingers it's kind of sticky and it was a brown sort of colour.oh and after taking the car for a drive and parking it back up the leak seems to start again... Any ideas of wat this leak could be or where it's coming from would be very much appreciated!
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