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G'day all,

Originally was hoping that my mates dad (Black AUDI R8 'SALT') could chauffeur for us but unfortunelty no. SO this is my last ditch effort to secure a couple of nice cars for my upcoming wedding; 21st March. So yeah under 2 weeks away. :eek: Location is 25min north of brisbane CBD (samford/highvale area)

A couple of options.

First car: Bride + father must arrive together. Therefore, unless your willing to let brides father drive; car must have 3 (Chauffeur (you) + father + bride) seats.

Second Car: Bridesmaids (3 of) must arrive together in one car so 4 seats needed for that one.

Wedding is 11am. So your participation would be required for about 1 hour (10:30-11:30)

If you would like to help with either of the cars please reply below. Attach a photo of the car that is on offer and a dollar amount you would be chasing for your time + fuel etc.

Would love to have 2 identical cars + identical colors but at this late stage cant be to picky ;)

Cheers All, look forward to the many :)D) replies.


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