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Audi TT mk2 8J 3.2 V6
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Hello all,
I’ve been an Audi owner since 2018 but have had my mk2 TT V6 since Jan 2020.

Ownership has been great and she’s been a good runner but I’ve come across a problem the past few months.

My two keys aren’t working via buttons at the moment so I can’t remotely lock/unlock/boot open from my keys.
When I unlock the car from the door, if I don’t see the interior lights illuminate, the hazards will start blinking as though the alarm is being activated but I have no audible alarm. Very concerning… It’s becoming extremely annoying and I feel I can’t trust locking it via the door lock mechanism.
Both keys have batteries and the lights are still flashing when buttons are pressed. I’ve tried re-registering the keys to the car via some odd step by step method but I’ve had no luck.
The car is going to be parked at an airport a lot in the near future so ideally I want to get this nipped in the bud for peace of mind.
Any help is greatly Appreciated
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