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My keyless entry and start is working but only if the key is very close to the door handle. It was working from 1+ meter away until the other day. Prior to that, the indicators started doing spurious things such as indicating left, despite the stalk being set to right!

The indicators cleared themselves and then the keyless start started to play up. Again, it works if you put the key in the cup holder!

I've charged the car battery incase it was weak but nope, I also ran a vcds scan which showed 00179,180 etc codes. 'Opem circuit' on all the door antennas. It's done similar before and cleared itself, I noted that that tended to be when my iPhone was iny left pocket.

I'm erring towards a connection or module fault but can't find any info about the fault on a8. The Vw phaeton (same 'floor pan') has a few similar threads alluding to the MOSFET transistors packing up.

Any other thoughts/experiences gratefully received.
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