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Hello to all audi owners.

I have lost a key a few weeks ago and purchased a new set from ebay. I've read in many places that if you have a 4DO part number key it will work fine if your new key also starts with 4DO. Not the case with me :-(

My old key part number is slightly different from the new one.
Old 4DO 837 246
New 4DO 837 231

I've programmed the key to open/lock the car. No problems in that area. However, even though my car is 1999 (UK) it has an immobiliser, which has to be programmed to accept the new key.

So i've ross-teched a bit and found out how to do that. Changed the amount of learnt keys with vag-com from 4 to 0 and tried to teach to to accept the new key as well as the old one. The old one works fine, but then I try teach the new key, I get an error like this:
01179 - Incorrect Key Programming

Does that mean that the this key can't be used with my immobiliser? Or am I doing something wrong when programming? After trying to teach immobiliser, I have the value of known keys changed from 4 to 1.

The new key can't be used to start the car, as the engine works for about a second and then stops.

Does anyone know what might be the problem? In case if i've got the wrong set of keys, does anyone know where to get the part that I want, apart from the dealer, as they have crazy prices. About £180 (about $320 USD) for the new flip key.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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