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Key Battery Warning A4 Avant 2021

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Had occasion to use spare key today and received message on MMI to replace battery, I did, went back out to car and same message. Tried with main key, all OK. Rang local Audi service "Oh you have to change both fob batteries" Really, well I did and it made no difference. Both key fobs work in that they let me open and close doors and will let me input my User Code and start the car apart from that annoying low battery warning. Cannot find a reset anywhere on car system. Any ideas anyone?
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Give it a few cycles of driving and and stopping it should reset. It not see your dealer
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Thanks, I tried that (admittedly only 3 or 4 times) and it made no difference. Dealer wanted £150 to diagnose it - no thanks! Do you know this works, have you tried it because it happened to you? I don't know why anybody would design a system that did this. If it is accidental, i.e. sloppy design, I could understand it but then you would think Audi would have been inundated by customers; I did send a message to but, like last time I contacted them, not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement!
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