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ok everyone i drive an 01 A4 1.8t and my shitty K03 sport turbo blew. now its jsut the gasket inside that broke becuase i piss out nice white smoke. so now i need help in making a decesion. what should i do. i know everyone says k04 but i really didnt want to do a k04 until next year during the summber beucase i hvae to go back and fourth from school and cash is a bit tight right now but the k04 isent out of the question. so please everyone help me out with info on teh following.
Current modds are as follows:
carbino intake
baliyes DV
borla exhaust with Down pipe
my options:
1. rebuild my k03 sport (whats it gonna cost and where are good places for me to go and get the turbo rebuilt). i love in toronto so anywhere around there is cool. and give an estmate in price.
2. K04 what do i need becides the K04 should i buy turbo new/used what do i need becides the turbo for me to have factory relibility (or something close to it) and where can i buy the parts or kit and how much roughly will it cost me to do.
3. any other things i could do ie. screw rebuid buy used or anything else and dont say do a BT cuase right now it wont happen. (but will happen in future when cash and time is on my side)

please guys i really need your help beucase i need my car up and running asap. and leave comments for all of my options with past experience
1 - 2 of 2 Posts