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Just Bought Our 1st Audi ....

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We have just sold both our cars:-

My 'modified' Ford Focus.
- I loved this car and it was a great car to drive.

Stuart's Mitsubishi Galant (Legnum) Ralliart VR4.

The Mitsi was a very thirsty car, so we needed to sell both cars to get an Estate/MPV and a smaller fairly fast car (getting another Ibiza Cupra) have just bought an Audi A6 Avant 2.5 Tdi SE. Was a bit worried about buying this as we have both always had 'sporty' cars and have never had a diesel, but as we go camping a few times a year with our daughter & dog we needed an estate, and also needed something with good fuel consumption, so this fits the bill - and for our fun we can drive the Ibiza Cupra when we get it.
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