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New to this forum. Having trouble since I'm not literate and can barely use an iPad.
I've had Audis since the early 1980's.
Currently I own two 1991 200 20V TQ's, an Avant and a sedan.
I do all my own work on these cars.
I've joined this forum because I am trying to find a rear differential (carrier assembly) from a V8Quattro to install in my sedan "Pearly". I've already made this change to my Avant (306,000mi.) and I enjoy the difference it makes in the way the car preforms. I occasionally track the car, I go ice racing with it and it is my daily driver.
I'm also a member of Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing where I am a driving coach, event chair and active racer.

Anyone out there know of a rear differential from a V8 which is available????

Judd Evans
Evergreen, Colorado
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