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It's very famous

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"I need a new suit. Someone planted a knife in my coat," James Bond matter of factly said "gadget man" Q of James Bond in 1983, Octo*****. This is not easy being Bond ... James Bond. The fictional British secret service agent back on November 14 to 22 his film, Quantum of Solace, with the "new" Bond dashing, rough around the edges, Daniel Craig. Bond of course, has captivated fans of espionage and pop culture since Ian Fleming created in 1953 and created a micro-enterprise profitable: only James Bond films have generated more than $ 4 billion.But while Bond is chasing evil, dodge bullets, and fight against a knife-wielding psychopaths, he really did not have it so bad, his jet-set life, takes him around the world with superior service to its disposal. During a mission to understand his lifestyle and Bond dangerously extravagant stalked the best experiences and places, many inspired by the latest movies to live vicariously as a secret agent.
Daniel Craig, show-flight Casino Royale (2006), returns to the big screen in the form of bonds up to the last man-on-the-go, around the world to a very high octane Base home MI6 in London to Austria, Italy and South America. And unsurprisingly, Bond travels first class all the way-back continent-hopping in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, where the bar booth at Virgin halo, purple and red, while sipping a martini-laced Lillet the name of his lost love, Vesper. When not flying high in the film, 007 enjoy life while chasing the bad guys: among other feats, he has the best seats in the House Festival of Bregenz in alpine skiing in Austria, which houses the largest "floating stage" in the world where a thrilling scene in the new film will have viewers on the edge of their seats.Supporting roles are played by master-spy gadgets and Bond Street Store (no relation) in London. Mecca mid Mayfair boutiques is a store that sells Omega 007's ur choice: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. For those who have focused on the action and missed its accessories, Bond sapphire worn Bejeweled piece stainless wrist over the last five films. And of course everyone's favorite secret agent when the same girl (Bond).
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