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I have owned by 2002 A6 3.0 CVT for a couple of years and it's still under warranty. I love my car in so many ways. I think it's one of the most attractive cars on the road, both inside and out, and it drives great. However, I have had so many problems with my car that is tearing away at and diminishing my affection.

My current problem:

My car stalls at idle and restarts and drives, but then stalls again at idle. This problem occurred before and when I took it in they said it was simply a problem with a loose hose. This may very well be the case again, but other problems have arose since then.

I had carbon build up in 2 of my cylinders and misfires from my catalytic converters. They simply reset everything and said would check for future misfires. On my last maintenance the MIL light was on and there was carbon build up in all 6 cylinders and again misfires in my catalytic converters. But rather than changing the converter, they said that it would have to misfire again. To me, this is the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard.

The same line was given to me about pixel fade on my instrument panel. On the portion that reads you the radio station/mpg/PRND, I have pixel fade, which they noted in my maintenance report. However, the tech told me that the panel had to not work AT ALL for the warranty to cover it. I was and still am astonished by this. This is the same portion of the panel that holds the navigation system in those A6s equipped with that feature. Any pixel fade on those would seem to me to disrupt the usability of that feature and in my eyes should prompt replacement. I don't see why any less should be true for my car regardless of whether I have a nav system or not.

I guess this is coming off as a rant, but I actually am wondering if someone could offer some help/advice. Does anyone know if what they're telling me about my warranty is true? Also, have people had similar problems? Any advice would really make me feel better because at this point I am contemplating just trading in my car.

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