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Hi experts,

I hope you can help me.

I just love AUDI's and am moving up from my current A3 to a potential A4 Avant.
Just started a family so really need the extra space, but have a few extra that I am looking for in an A4 Avant.

I know I definately want the following:
Has to be nippy - at least 150bhp
Symphony + BOSE upgrade (heard in a friends and was blown away)
Leather interior (Easy to wipe up my kids sick :wink2: )

Would ideally like
S Line kit :p
Alu Trims and roof bars

I have looked without success for the past 3 months for a car like as described above - but have had no success. I have 15,000GBP to spend, and am willing to go for anything less than 50k miles with a good history.

Now, .... more advice requested.
After looking at all the great AUDI's in the gallery it has left me wondering. Must I get a car with all the extras described above, or are theere places out there than can supply and fit all the nicety upgrades and AUDI original standard.

Once again friends - I ask for your help and advice.

Thanks in advance,
David a.k.a Splinx :D
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