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Hey guys,

it's been awhile since I've posted anything but, was on here today looking for tips on changing break pads and had a question come up while reading some unrelated posts.

Here's the deal - I have an 06' A4 2.0T that to me feels like the tramsmission "slips" on take off or anytime you really get on it. i.e. - pulling out into traffic on the interstate.

I've mentioned it to the dealer when it was in for other repairs. It's warrantied by a 3rd party so I would think Audi would want to fix it (take my money) but, they explain it that it's just the CVT transmission. I should say I understand that the CVT is different than what I'm used to but, I personally think the car may have been abused by the driver before me. I remember the car fax indicated it was a lease return from a 21yr old.

But, I've driven A4 loaner cars and I've driven the Q7 loaner both... They are both CVT and newer but, it's nightg and day difference. Is there something that I shoud suspect? or is it truly just the CVT trans?

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