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is it possible to increases both BHP and MPG

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Is it a given that any engine mod/chip/tune that increases performance (BHP), also reduces fuel economy?? Or is it possible to get a mod that increases both BHP and MPG? Specifically thinking of my
2.0 petrol 130BHP engine, but its a general question.
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[Gennerall a Chip or DiPP works with a turbo engine.. they do substantially improve performance. They also if you drive conservatively improve your MPG as the engine is running more efficiently.

To Chip a non aspirated engine.. will only give you 10-20 more HP and virtually no more Torque/Nm. It will improve your MPG..perhap only 1 or 2 mpg.. to spend $300-600 for so slight an improvement is IMHO a waste. You will spend less and get more improvement MPG with better air intake or exhaust.
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