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Im having an intermittent problem in my 1998 A6 2.4 (116k miles). Few months back it stopped all of a sudden and I towed it to the dealer who repaired and gave it back telling fuel pump was changed (around 400$). Later after about 2 months it again stopped and this time I was told that it had some electrical problem and that some connector was having bad contact. The same happened again after few more days. this time I removed the fuel pump cover, pulled out the connector and checked voltage, but there was no voltage to the pump. I had also noticed that each time, a few days before the car stops, the fuel gage starts fluctuating (sometimes drops to min and slowly returns back to normal).
Now after around 4 months, I noticed that the fuel gage started developing the same problem. So Im afraid it might stop anythime. I would verymuch appreciate if someone can suggest how I can troubleshoot this issue. I feel its some kind of electrical problem. Does anyone know which connector the dealer was mentioning?? Thanks in advance for your response..

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