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Hi y'all!
Newbie, 2 months ago I bought an S4 -99. Ever heard the Queen-tune "I'm in love with my car"? Well, that's the way it is :grin: :D . Wow.
Probably into some chipping later but I'm not sure, it rocks already. Experiencing a lot of GTI:s and the likes trying to compete - he, he, they can try all they like. All they ever get to see is my rear lights. Childish, I know, but a lot of fun :wink2: . And as we have winter roads right now here in Sweden the 4wd-bite :thumbsup: is awesome. No 2wd ever stands a chance.
Have to go buy some shares in the rubber industry now, they're in for a hausse...

Bye for now!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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