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Howdy all, I just bought a '96 A4 Quattro 2.8L and I read the owner's manual from cover to cover.
Yesterday, I noticed that when I start the car, 'In 2' flashes in place of the trip odometer for a few seconds before it goes away. I know that 'In 2' signifies further servicing work required as stated in the manual. The manual, however, is rather vague in explaining whether the 'In 2' symbol is supposed to only flash for a few seconds, flash for 60 seconds or stay on permanently.
Does anybody know whether the 'In 2' indicator flashing for a few seconds after starting the car means that it is imperative I take it for servicing, or should I only be worried when it stays on permanently?
P.S. I know from the dealer's maintenance log that they replaced the coolant tank and a suspension bushing when they got the car as a these repairs have anything to do with the flashing 'In 2'?
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